T-shirts and Personalized Books

We are grateful for all contributions to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation, and we are eager to thank our donors for their generous support! For those who make contributions to the Foundation, we offer gifts — including t-shirts and personalized, autographed books — as tokens of our appreciation.

All donations to the Nicholas Sparks Foundation go directly to support our programs. Your contributions help increase access to wonderful educational opportunities for children from low-income families in rural communities throughout the United States.

Click here to be taken to the page where you can donate to the Foundation.

For a contribution of $30, you will receive a Foundation t-shirt. The shirts are white with the Foundation logo on the front and a design of the New Bern, North Carolina, skyline on the back. The text on the back says, “Nicholas Sparks Foundation in New Bern.” You can see what the t-shirts look like by clicking this link.

For a contribution of $40, you will receive a long-sleeve hooded Foundation t-shirt. The shirts are grey with a white Foundation logo on the breast and a full-size logo on the back above the words “Nicholas Sparks Foundation.”

For a contribution of $100, you will receive an autographed, personalized trade paperback copy of any of Nicholas’s books. On the checkout page when you make your donation, you will be able to specify the book you would like, the person to whom you wish to have the book inscribed, and a short message for Nicholas to write. Please note that the time it takes to receive your copy can vary depending on Nicholas’s busy schedule.